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Vision Dance Company, Inc is a performing arts studio offering dance and other creative activities that will help youths express who they are now and identify who they want to be in the future. Since 2003, our after-care and dance program is offered to students between the ages of 3-16 years old. Monday through Friday, the students practice responsibility and discipline through homework assistance, art class, dance class and/or creative activities. These events teach character building through role playing and cooperative learning groups, while providing technique and, if necessary, behavior modification. 


With an abundance of enrichment options, there is someone for everyone. The Saturday Arts Program is a community program targeting youth attending middle, high school and beyond in and outside Broward County. The program generally provides opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something positive with their talents and time. In general, the arts programs admit youth ages 3 – adult in beginner to advanced classes. The mission of this program is to build a foundation of value, goals, and cultural esteem among boys and girls that will be seen as a source of light in our community and reach others in need.

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